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It was a great day on the green last weekend with Divisions 1, 2 and 3 all recording good wins. The games were played in ideal bowls conditions and the results were as follows:

Division 1 defeated Penshurst 84 to 52.

Des Pitts led his team to a solid win with a final score-card of 30 to 13. Graeme Solly and his compatriots were caught up in a close finish, winning 23 to 22, whilst Ken Evans and team had a sound win with final scores on the rink coming up 31 to 17. Division 1 maintain their position on the top of the ladder which reads as follows: RSL 162, Portland 112, Dunkeld 106, Hamilton 101, Grangeburn 100, Penshurst 60, Balmoral 45 and Heywood 18.

Division 2 played Coleraine and final scores were RSL 74 to Coleraine 59.

Gerry Watt guided his team to a strong win 32 to 17. Ian Benbow and his team went down 13 to 27, whilst Trevor Wynniat and team were winners with a strong score-card of 27 to 15. Division 2 side holds third placing on the ladder which lines up as follows: Portland 142, Hamilton Yellow 127, RSL 110, Hamilton Green 93, Casterton 73, Grangeburn 68, Macarthur 54 and Coleraine 37.

Division 3 defeated Portland Blue in a strong win 89 to 54.

John Platt and his team had a comfortable win 29 to 18. Uppie Angelino followed suit with a similar scorecard 32 to 18. Doug Elford chose to lead his team members to a similar win 28 to 18. Well done to Division 3 who now hold second position on the ladder which lines up as follows: Portland Gold 144, RSL 94, Portland Blue 92, Dartmoor 88, Hamilton 82 and Heywood 28.

Teams for the last round of weekend pennant have been selected as follows:

Division 1 are playing at home once again and are welcoming Balmoral to the green. Teams are as follows: Des Pitts (s), Greg Hoggan, Chris Elford and John Holien (Duty team);  Graeme Solly (s), Jimmy Scott, Kim Overall and Paul Bentham;  Ken Evans (s), Ken Woolley, Tom Englezos and John Buchanan.

Division 2 are also playing at home and greet Macarthur. Teams are as follows: Ian Benbow (s), Steve Turner, Huon Beauglehole and Rod Beauglehole;  Trevor Wynniat (s), Bob McIntyre, Ronny Robinson and Mike Rentoul;  Gerry Watt (s), Lachie Aitchison, Jim Bryden and Shane Martin (Duty team).

Division 3 make their way to Heywood and teams were drawn as follows: John Platt (s), Cliffy Woolcock, Leonie Buchanan and Ian Merrett;  Uppie Angelino (s), Peter Pevitt, Simon Hein and Greg Williams;  Doug Elford (s), Ray Lucas, T. Imbi and Ernie Arnold.

The club would like to wish the three divisions all the best in their final home and away games.

A great effort must be acknowledged to the following team, Graeme Solly (skip), Ken Woolley, Paul Bentham and Rod Beauglehole, who represented our club in the group final of the Men’s Fours. The team went down by one shot on the final end against Apollo Bay in what was the smallest of margins. Well done guys!

Also to be noted is that the Ladies Association Triples Section winners has seen Leonie Buchanan (RSL), Heather Burgess (Portland) and Jan Woolley (RSL) make it into the semi final which is to be held at Macarthur on this Friday. We wish the team all the best today.

Last Sunday the club held their Pink Day Mixed Social Bowls Day, in which all proceeds from the event going to Cancer support within the town. Approximately 30 participants took part in the day and what a day it was! The weather was magnificent and with a combination of donations, raffles and an auction on the day the amazing sum of $1, 825 was raised on the day. A sincere thankyou to all people, who made contributions on the day. It was this generosity which enabled the club to forward the funds onto such a worthy cause. Details around the recipient/s of this money will be made at a later date. The winning bowlers on the day were Jimmy Bryden (skip), Dot Angelino and Robyn McCabe, whilst the runners-up team consisted of Ken Evans (skip), Helen Hume, Betty Moon and Selwyn Williams.

Tuesday Mixed Social Bowls brought a cooler day than what we have become accustomed to, but made for an enjoyable day of bowls. Winners on the day were Helen Hume (skip), Leanne Evison and Bev Smith, whilst the runners-up were Pauline Breen (skip), June Amos, Betty Moon and Leonie Mirtschin.

We saw the first game of the Laser Electrical Corporate Cup played on Tuesday evening. Although the temperature was down on the day it hovered around the 20 degree mark and the sun found the time to shine. Numbers were up this year, with thirty teams participating in the competition. A great evening was had by all as many encountered the art of bowls for the first time ever. As a result there was a lot of laughter, encouragement, stray bowls and funny moments shared by the many there. A BBQ was provided by Relay For Life those who needed to relieve hunger pangs and cold refreshments were available close by for any thirsty participants. At the closure of the evening there were eight teams that each came away with two wins. These double game winners were: Cliffhangers, Diamonds, Paggles, Sabre tooth Tigers, Woolly Jumpers, Kepple Prince, Limelights, Blazers and Refs. The ladder will be published in next weeks Portland Observer. We are looking forward to the next three rounds and what they bring.

Up and coming events:

Sunday 10th February is the Men’s Triples Championship

Tuesday 12th February – Laser Electrical Corporate Cup Week 2

Wednesday 13th February – Monthly Open Invitation Fours

Sunday 16th February – Weekend Pennant 1st Semi Finals




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