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Portland RSL Memorial Bowling Club News Report 6th March 2020

Portland RSL Memorial Bowling Club News Report March 6th 2020

The long awaited Weekend Pennant Grand Final finally dawned this past Saturday with a damp mist falling from the sky in Portland. However up the road at Hamilton where the game was to be played, the scenario was totally different, a beautiful sunny day presenting itself. Perfect conditions set for a great day of bowls AND what a day its was!

Division 1 RSL v Portland was a contest that kept the crowd totally enthralled and was certainly not for the feint hearted supporter. The result at the completion of the requisite 75 ends was a draw and the events leading up to this were compelling to any spectator on the day.

Throughout the day we saw the scores on each rink see-saw in a very competitive and skilful display of bowls. Ken Evans and team got off to a good start but by half time their lead had diminished and scores read 13 to 16. Graeme Solly and his cohorts, were off to a slow start finding it hard to make their mark around the kitty but gained some momentum prior to the break, their score card reading 9 to 13. Des Pitt’s rink also took a while to find their shots but a 6 shot end prior to lunch put them with an 8 point lead, scores 15 to 7. This meant that RSL had a tenuous lead of 1 at afternoon tea time.

The game of bowls continued to intrigue after afternoon tea break with the leads on each rink, narrowing and extending and fluctuating at different times throughout the course of the game. The stamina and concentration of all bowlers was being truly tested. Finally with just two ends to play, four shots were required by the RSL if they wanted the win and in a game such as this one, the shots were not going to be easy to get. Pitts and team picked up two and it was left to Solly and his crew to somehow find the deficit.  Graeme’s last bowl was the decider and that it did, carrying a bit of weight and removing the opposition’s pivotal bowl. This gave RSL one clear shot in the head and a measure for the second shot to determine whether we leave the green going down by one or a draw to be declared. The umpire was called in and the result for both sides was awaited with abated breath. Fortunately for the RSL, the result was a draw which meant that both teams had the chance to change the outcome.

The draw meant an extra end was declared for each rink to play. Each bowl put down was watched with intensity with appropriate sighs or cheers depending on its final rest position. However RSL stood up to the pressure winning two of the three rinks by one shot on each finally giving them the win by one shot, the same margin as afternoon tea break. Unfortunately for Portland Bowling Club who played their game with just as much skill and intensity on the day, there can only be one winner in what was an enthralling day of tactical bowls. Congratulations RSL on being the premiers of the competition in a fantastic win. Well deserved.

Individual rink results were Ken Evans, Ken Woolley, Jim Scott and John Buchanan 21 to 30; Des Pitts, Greg Hoggan, Chris Elford and Shane Martin 26 to 15; Graeme Solly , Tom Englezos, Kim Overall and Ian Grayson 23 to 24.

Sadly for our Division 3 the game of bowls didn’t play out to the same scenario. However a huge congratulations must go out to the team who made the most of every opportunity throughout the season to make themselves competitive and strive to reach the top 4. Not only did you make the top 4 guys but you progressed your way through to the Grand Final. Your efforts have been hugely acknowledged by the club and its members.

Individual rink results from the day were Paul Wetherill and his rink consisting of John Holien, Uppie Angelino and Cliff Woolcock scoring 19 shots to 26; Trevor Wynniat, Mike Rentoul, Martin McKeever and Dean Beckman involved in a close one going down 21 to 23; whilst David Garnier and his team of Bert Roos, Terry Barclay and Ian Merrett scoring 21 shots to 30.

Another wonderful stand out for the Portland RSL Memorial Bowling Club this past weekend was Chris Fleming making his way into the BV Men’s Novice Singles being played at Mulgrave. This meant that Chris was competing in the best top 16 of the State, a huge achievement on Chris’s behalf and one that the club is very proud of.

Chris made his way through his first round comfortably, winning 21 to 6. This then put him into the top 8 play offs which Fleming also went onto win 22 to 18. Making the final four, Chris’s winning streak finally faltered, however to make it to the last 4 in the State in your first year of bowls is a magnificent effort. The club and its members would like to acknowledge your efforts and congratulate you on your success.

Last Wednesday the Ladies held their Annual Andrew Jack Memorial Mixed Fours Day. Eighteen teams competed in the competition and after four games of 9 ends the winners were David Garnier, Ron Robinson, Joan Englezos and Ian Merrett. Garnier’s team had 4 wins plus 26, whilst the runners-up had 4 wins plus 15. These were John Buchanan, Leonie Buchanan, Upppie Angelino and Dot Angelino. Morning winners were Ken Woolley’s team whilst the afternoon prize getters were Meredith Fredericks team.

The Ladies 100Up final took place last Saturday morning in drizzly conditions. This was played off between Meredith Fredericks and Leanne Evison with Evison taking the win.

Tuesday 3rd  March saw the Ladies Club Drawn Triples event being played. Conditions were cool, with a breeze that challenged bowls at times depending on how it would gust. Winners on the day were Meredith Fredericks, Leanne Evison and Rosie Sturzaker with plus 14. The runners-up were Leonie Buchanan, Joan Englezos and Pauline Breen with plus 7.

An error printed in last week’s paper was that Chris Fleming and Kim Overall won the Open Pairs at City Memorial in Warrnambool. This should have read as being played at the Portland Bowling Club.  Once again well done to the duo.

Up and coming events:

  • Remember Twilight Bowls every Monday between 6:00-7:30pm. Names in by 5:30pm. Bowls are supplied if needed. Coaching is also on offer from 5:00 to 6:00pm. ALL WELCOME.
  • Social Bowls continues on both a Wednesday and Saturday. Starting time is 1:00pm but names need to be in at 12:15. Ring 55237155 and leave your name with Graham. Winners of Saturday’s social bowls this week were Peter Pevitt and Phyl Campbell.
  • Men’s 21 Up – Sunday March 8th with a follow up day to be determined if needed. Names are to be in by Thursday 5th March. A 9:15 roll up in readiness for a 9:30 start.
  • Monthly Invitation Fours – Wednesday 11th March. Names in by 5:00pm Sunday 8th March
  • Men’s Minor Championship – Saturday 14th March. Follow up day is Sunday 15th March if needed. Entries in by 5:00pm Thursday 12th March. A 9:15 roll up in readiness for a 9:30 start.
  • Ladies 21 Up – Day 1 Tuesday 17th March/Day 2 Tuesday 24th March. 9:30 start. Entries close Sunday 15th March.
  • Club Mixed Pairs – Saturday 21st March with a follow up day to be determined. Entries close 5:00pm Thursday 19th March. Roll up is 9:15 ready for 9:30 start.
  • Men’s Triples – Saturday & Sunday 28th&29th March. Entries close 5:00pm Thursday 26th March. A 9:15 roll up ready for a 9:30 start
  • Please note the change of date in the Men’s Handicap Fours – This has had to be rescheduled and will now be played on Saturday and Sunday 4th & 5th April. Names are to be in by 5:00pm Thursday 2nd April. Roll up will be at 9:15 ready for a 9:30 start.
  • Easter Pairs Tournament Saturday 11th April and Sunday 12th April
  • Presentation Day Sunday 19th April
  • Club AGM Monday 20th April

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