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Portland RSL Memorial Bowling Club Bowls Report for Friday 3rd December

Portland RSL Memorial Bowling Club News Report Friday 3rd December

Weekend Pennant had a successful Saturday on the away greens with all three teams putting a win on the board.

RSL 75 defeated Heywood 34. Scores from each rink came through at the end of the day: Des Pitts and team winning with ease 28 to 9; John Wallis and his quadrant crossing the line with an upper hand of 11 shots, the score card reading 25 to 14 and Ken Evans and team doing a double score on their opposition 22 to 11.

RSLM Blue were involved in an extremely tight finish at the end of the day crossing the line by one shot against Portland. Individual score cards read as follows: Steve Turner and team went down 13 to 29; Gerry Watt and cohorts had a strong win 32 to 12 and Ted Leahy’s team conceded to a four shot loss 14 to 17.

Meanwhile at Hamilton, Division 3 had a win of 11 shots, the score card reading RSLM 63 to Hamilton Gold 52. Ian Benbow and team led themselves to a strong win 25 to 9; Bert Roos guided his team to a ten shot win 26 to 16 and Peter Fasoli and team were unable to maintain the winning streak, going down 27 to 12.

Ladders see RSLM Red holding top position in Division 1, whilst RSLM Division 3 are also in top position.

Up and coming Weekend Pennant sides for Round 3

An unusual occurrence this coming round is that all teams are playing on their home turf. Not only that, there will be another first where both of our home Division 1 sides are playing each other in a home derby match with RSLM Red playing RSLM Blue. Come along to watch some great bowls being put down on the greens.

Teams for RSLM Red are as follows:

Des Pitts (S) Greg Hoggan, Chris Elford and Kim Overall; John Wallis (S), Tom Englezos, Chris Fleming and Ian Grayson; Ken Evans (S), Ken Woolley, Jim Scott and Shane Martin

The score card for the RSLM Blue team reads as follows:

Ted Leahy (S), Terry Stanley, Terry Barclay and Dean Beckman; Steve Turner, Jim Bryden, Simon Hein and Rod Beauglehole; Gerry Watt (S), Trevor Wynniat, David Garnier and John Linley

Div 3 is hosting Coleraine and teams line up on the score card as follows:

Peter Fasoli (S), Robert Liddle, Huon Beauglehole and Ernie Arnold; Bert Roos (S), Meredith Fredericks, Ian Merritt and Leanne Evison; Ron Robinson (S), Peter Pevitt, Uppie Angelino and Jude Fasoli.

Round 4 of Midweek Pennant had both Division 1 and 2 playing at home. It was a perfect bowls day for all out on the green and made for thrifty bowl speed. For Division 1 the game was tight all the way through to the end with final results reading Portland RSLM 61 to Hamilton 52.

Jan Woolley and her team were neck and neck throughout the entire game. It was consistency over the last five ends that got them through. Scores on this rink were 18 to 16 our way. Meanwhile Leonie Buchanan’s cohort broke away early but their lead was compromised mid game by a multiple from the opposition. However they soon got this back and after the break they went onto consolidate their lead in a tight match winning 23 to 20. June Leahy and team also took on an early lead before faltering on a score of six for a few ends, but finally drawing level at the break. Afterward the tight game continued with not much in it until June steered her team gaining momentum from the 17th end onwards. Final results on this rink were 20 to 16.

Division 2 were put to the test on the day with a strong Macarthur. Despite the scores being well down at the break, Pearl Kitt and her team were able to come back and draw level near the final ends of their game. However they were not able to sustain their progress and finally went down 16 to 21. Jude Fasoli’s rink had a loss of 11 to 28.

Teams for next week’s Midweek Pennant Round 5 see Portland RSLM having a bye, whilst Division 2 will be host to Portland:

The side for Division 2 is as follows:

Jude Fasoli (S), Helen Hume, Kathryn Beauglehole, Jude Fasoli; Pearl Kitt (S), Meredith Fredericks, Bev Smith and Trish Watt.

The Ladies 100 UP program was completed on Monday and congratulations go to Robyn McCabe on winning the final and taking on the title. The final scores on the day were Robyn McCabe 100 to Pauline Breen 78. Well done to, Robyn, Pauline and all participants.

Last Sunday afternoon the men’s section triples were contested by four teams. In the first two games John Wallis defeated Nev Trotman and Rick Angelino defeated Des Pitts, in a very close game, as in an extra end was played. In the final John Wallis, Ken Evans and Dean Beckman finished the day as the Far Western triples champions. Congratulations.

This week we have seen the Secondary Student Lawn Bowls Tournament taking place with 60 students involved from the local schools. With Day 1 completed we are looking forward to the next two days. Photos and a rundown of the event shall take place in next week’s edition of the Portland Observer.

Up and coming events for the remainder of November and into December are as follows:

  • Coaching sessions take place 5.00 through to 6.00pm each Monday evening. This is always followed by Twilight Bowls for interested interested participants. For enquiries please call 55232557. Please note that current Covid restrictions exist.
  • Monthly Invitation Fours Wednesday 8th December. Entries close Monday 6th December.
  • Ladies’ Singles Championship – Day 1 Friday the 10th December & Day 2 Friday the 17th December. Entries close Tuesday the 7th December
  • Sunday 12th December is our Christmas Hams Day. Names to be in by 12.15pm
  • Saturday the 18th & 19th December is the Men’s Club Pairs. Entries close on Thursday 16th December
  • Please note that social bowls is Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 1:00pm. Names need to be in by 12:30. Just ring the following number 55237155, to register your name and speak to Graham or Norm who are in the office as of 11:30.

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